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The quality and ergonomics of flexible moulded polyurethane is much better than block foam. Therefore, many reputable clients ask us to mould their articles using this material.
Poliuretanos Rivas produces flexible PU foam for different sectors and it adapts the product and process accordingly:

  • High-density flexible polyurethane for furniture
  • Flexible polyurethane with in situ technology, where the part leaves the mould in a finished (upholstered) state.
  • Flame retardant flexible polyurethane, complying with British Standard and FAR specifications.
Offices and factory space:
   c/ Joaquín Costa 20
   50298 PINSEQUE
   Zaragoza - Spain

   Calle B - Poligono Industrias Montecicos
   50630 - Cabañas de Ebro (Zaragoza)
   Zaragoza - Spain
Telephone: +34 976 61 71 31
Fax: +34 976 65 16 67