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POLIURETANOS RIVAS, S.A. was founded in 1978 to provide a response to the growing demand for our products in the Spanish market. 

The main activity of POLIURETANOS RIVAS, S.A. is the injection of polyurethane foam. As a result of our extensive fleet of machines and installations, we are in a position to produce all kinds of parts in polyurethane.

POLIURETANOS RIVAS, S.A. has extended its offer from the domestic market to the international market. Some 30 people are currently employed by the company and its share capital is entirely Spanish.

An excellent team of highly qualified, entrepreneurial staff enables us to offer top-quality products in the shortest time possible.

Installations in Pinseque Installations in Cabañas de Ebro


Offices and factory space:
   c/ Joaquín Costa 20
   50298 PINSEQUE
   Zaragoza - Spain

   Calle B - Poligono Industrias Montecicos
   50630 - Cabañas de Ebro (Zaragoza)
   Zaragoza - Spain
Telephone: +34 976 61 71 31
Fax: +34 976 65 16 67